Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Online marketing

It is widely acknowledged that the Internet has revolutionized and restructured many sectors of industry and provided a new focus for their activities. Internet has become a global phenomenon with its ability to create, maintain, and sustain networks and organization across continents. It's ability to provide innovative and advanced tools to starting and developing businesses worldwide has put a string in connecting internationally- preventing barriers in the chain of marketing. Thus, links smallest enterprises to the largest chain of marketing.

Marketing is primal in the opening of this innovation. Through marketing and a power to link globally, service across nations became fundamentally convenient and blistering. Moreover, the advancement of Online networks and the marketing strategies of business bearers and entrepreneur came a long way not too possible to disclose its aids.

Building and implementing Online marketing is a fast paced process it posits the knowledge in knowing one's business, defining goals for your Internet activities and complementing broader marketing and corporate industries.

Online Marketing give users something to work for even outside formal establishments: to focus on satisfying the needs of his clients, and a convenient way of using array of resources that will enrich your value of customer service and encourage clients to go back for more.

Moreover, the trend of Online marketing is inevitably engaging and convincing. This form customer service had auspiciously help solved various company and personal business dilemma. Thus, utilizing the possibilities of Online Marketing fosters better customer experiences and partner relationships.

Finally, it is always important to get involved. A person or an establishment must realize the importance of embracing the value of Internet and related digital technologies in running this kind of service. One should believe that this will enhance the business performance immediately. More so, new technologies has revolutionized all aspect of business such as sales and production- so it is just better to stay ahead of the competition.

Online marketing services

The Internet has generated opportunities and challenges for existing businesses and new entrants dealing in new direct relationships with costumers. The Internet has generated opportunities and challenges for existing businesses and new entrants dealing in new direct relationships with costumers, new intermediaries have emerged which others have been replaced. New business models have emerged to show an organizations may apply technology to achieve competitive advantage and revenue generation. These new models must address how customer satisfaction and value will be achieved, and one of these is Online Marketing Services.

Online services entail various key distinction in the process of collecting, analyzing and presenting useful information about consumers while marketing service takes a wider perspective incorporating the elements of marketing and its environment which includes competitor and distributor environments. Knowing about these key concepts will help every entrepreneur and marketing specialists to find ways in combining these elements to make up one area of extending proficient and efficient service.

Online Marketing Services is the ability to impact various needs specializing on both consumers and distributors desire to extend and sustain marketing in their business through the Internet. This has become very conspicuous in implementing research strategies simply because this service find ways, and practical solutions in the chain of international and local businesses.

Online marketing services have numerous facets that require careful planning and research. The Internet is indeed a classic direct marketing channel and so setting measurable goals and objectives for the subsequent development of online services.

Online marketing services posit speed and access to information. Organizations may be able to source superior services at better prices from a wider range of potential suppliers than before due to the Internet geographic reach. This service also provides rapid dissemination of information on social trends, economic data or political and legal issues through public and private web sites and this service also provides real time feedback, and customer research.

Business home Internet marketing Online

Business nowadays is seemingly progressive yet aggressive. People across the world is starting up to be practically engaged as they become virtually and strategically nosy to start Online marketing services even at their respective homes. People are fond to identify this as business home Internet marketing Online.

What is business home Internet Marketing Online? Is this kind of service be of the sprout compared to the undeniably competitive corporate marketing services? Or this shall remain second rated service for this is just done for the sake of providing services.

The answers are all up and they are obvious. Business Home Internet Marketing Online is as cunning as the rest leaving the rest to be rested for awhile and redeeming its aggressiveness as soon as their people are ready to click the button.

Business Home Internet Marketing Online is considered to be fast, and favorable to entrepreneurs. In line of this service, is the word itself- home, where one can practically and comfortably work with his computer on with rest of the world to do business. It is indeed undeniable that the trend of this service had gone far from what experts would expect, simply because Business Home Internet Marketing Online Service had penetrated not only the houses of starting and part time employees but as well as to those who continues to be in touch with the international realm. Moreover, people at their houses can never be underestimated with their capacity to level work levels and work outputs with the rest of the experts.

The Internet has created many opportunities for a diverse range of organizations down to houses. This diversity has undeniably spawned numerous business areas that were expected to generate sufficient revenues for Online profitability. It is apparent that many Online home businesses are now bowing to apply more aggressive customer offering tools unlike those of the corporate industries. Finally, home business can always move towards more partnerships and alliances just like the rest. But still, it is always best to expect that not all these will be identified unless every person running this kind of service will be fully integrated with the physical and virtual world.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


We always look forward for a better relationship with others; it is indubitable that we want to place something special in the eyes and hearts of people who will positively craft a difference in our lives, difference that we will be proud to share with others and a difference that will speak of our journey as a person.

I always love to draw myself to other people. I love being with people especially with the people I consider FRIEND. They keep me safe and give me the confidence to be what and who I am. But how do you differentiate a FRIEND from an ACQUAINTANCE? When you are so fragile to become closer to these people without consciously realizing that some of them are, but a FAKE.

A dramatic change in my life placed me in various scenarios where I got the likelihood to reckon my criterion and label things slowly as whom is AUTHENTIC from someone just playing around the bush. THESE people are TALENTED and ROLE PLAYERS. They go from every detail of the plot until they reach the climax but will leave you hanging before the story fins.

I’ve been always trying to tweak with different people, as to what is more convenient and delightful for them. I always try hard to protract a balance but these people don’t keep me from reducing. AM I EXPECTING TOO MUCH? Or am I just AMPLIFYING my concept of friendship?

Sustaining friendship is not as easy as filling out a form and instance processing takes place. It takes time, and thus it makes life unpredictable. An ACQUAITANCE from a former STRANGER takes place and starts to evolve in your life, in an instant. They will long for your presence especially when you NEED them, but will get rid of you as soon as they get to suck your last nectar. THEY will INJURE you obscurely and play innocent of the crime; bust your sentiments and make believe that they are above suspicions.

To create, maintain and sustain FRIENDSHIP is a journey. We really get to meet different characters in our lives, some of them are impious, but most of them are versatile actors. But at the end of the day, equipped with consummate dramatic experiences, we CAN and WILL always detect the PHONY from the GIFT, A phony COMPANION and a GIFT called FRIEND.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

dreams and reality of love

I always believe that dreams portals are to our consciousness. The gateway to reveal one’s present, and manifests possibilities, our dream speaks for our self, and they explain our isolated strife, confusions, anxieties, and even fears. They are inevitably the shadow that shades our life black and white, which seldom looks gray.

Two days ago, I dreamt of my muddled up present and past: people who shaped my character and gave me the reasons to be caged. I had a dream of my former girlfriend, who turned out to be the girl treating me as a complete stranger. And the dream mirrored me this way…

My dream started with me performing my job as a radio jock. I was not doing so well that time because my concentration was not firm, I was even surprise to find that the microphone was separated from the console and all the computers were not working. I was totally a mess sheep that time. My boss approached me and said “Robert, relax and think it over! You can do that but at least let go of that pain”. I was shock to hear statement from him considering that I seldom get the chance to talk to him and I never had a chance to chat about personal know-how. And there it was a complete evanescence. I continued my job and tried my best, when I got another message which startlingly popped out on an index card. It says “move on and forget about her”. The word HER startled my mind. These people must be telling me something about my personal recovery and not about my job. My boss then came to the scene again and told me that I am ok but I have to polish something that was not written.

When I was about to leave my working station, my boss beckoned goodbye saying “Good luck Robert, see you tomorrow for your next board work, and you’ll do better”. Contented with his words, I left the place and walked straight home.

While I was walking, I bumped into my very good friend; she stared and smiled at me as if she was so dazzled to see me. She said “I’ll introduce you to a friend, I’m sure you’ll love to see her”. We walked straight, and noticed that I was already wearing my college uniform. Then everything flashed with a big surprise, the place was familiar, the trees were still blooming in yellow, the house was still unyielding and the person who was shivering was me, and in front was the girl I loved.

It has been almost 2 years since the last time I saw her.

I stupidly stared to my friend as to how and why does she has to introduce me to her again. I was honestly happy and chuckling but I never knew where to start. “This is the time Bert; I got her for you, time to set her free”, my friend said. I was quite disturbed hearing those words, but the look of her seemed to be so happy for me. I secretly stared to my former and she smiled at me. She sat beside me, trying to hold my hands but I refused, and moved away beside her. This time, I confidently looked at her and felt nothing. Minutes of happiness changed into comfort of not being with her, it turned out to be a settlement of uncharged emotion that she held for years, it flashed into me the memories we had but will remain as is, it juggled my mind her sweetness and embrace but it did not do me anything this time. But I have no one to blame.

I wanted to jump for joy for but I remained composed. I hurriedly went out of the door and saw my good friend opening the gate for me. I said “thank you for introducing me to her AGAIN, you were right, this is something different” she smile and answered back “you are now free Bert.”

Then I woke up and realized.

Sometimes in life, we demand so much from people to heal our own hearts, we become bitter of the past and never get tired to punish ourselves from thinking hard and forcing to be loved, and most of the time, we choose to get hurt, and choose to be alienated by our own self. This is what I’ve learned from patiently waiting for my heart to be healed. Forgiveness takes time though the memory of pain remains. But why negative impulse strikes harder when you’re memories with them includes much happiness, fulfillment and learning? I believe that genuine loving means people setting aside irrationality and taking time to ponder on the general happiness someone brought us. I honesty had loads of experiences regarding separation and from there I developed separation anxiety, hard to reveal but its true. I had the toughest of being left by the first woman I loved who is my mother but I never stopped loving. We don’t choose the people we love, because they will just come and just happens, but if it is time for them to go and find better niche for personal growth, we have to accept it. If it’s not for us, we have to let them go and let them recover.

Indeed, Love is like taking a synthetic pill to be ecstatic and be in pain at the same time, but the control of our mind should stick into our hearts and should let us do what is right.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Try to accept things the way they are right now even if they're not exactly how you want them to be. Keep in mind that things will never be perfect. So the sooner you can learn how to be more flexible, the better! Being uncomfortable, either emotionally or physically, isn't necessarily a bad thing, anyway. There is a lot of opportunity for growth when you are struggling to make things better. If everything was easy, then attaining things wouldn't be very rewarding.


Let me start with a smile.
I smile again and get tired.
I ponder on how to react but I never secure an answer.

then i realize.

I always take chances, but I always resort to alibis.

Let me continue with a nod.
I nod again and face the world blankly.
I inquisitively observe my surroundings, but i never find a place.

then i realize.

I always search for the best, but I always end up guessing.

Let me end this with courage.
I smile and nod again.
Realizing that I should never get tired and face the world blankly.
I should observe and ponder more to secure an answer.
I should search for chances 'cause these will hep me answer the mystery.

and finally I realize.

Life is really insatiable.
I never get contented. We never...

But once we find reasons for what's happening today.

We can start,continue and end a journey